Healthwatch Lancashire is delivered by People First Independent Advocacy, a local charity which supports people and communities to have a voice.

Our Board of Trustees ensures that Healthwatch Lancashire delivers its statutory duties under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and its key performance indicators as required by our contract with the Local Authority. Importantly, Our Board also ensures that we are acting with integrity and independence on behalf of the people of Lancashire.

The Board of Trustees meets every month and is kept informed by our CEO on the performance and delivery of Healthwatch Lancashire’s work programme. Trustees provide supportive challenge and critique as well as encouragement and acknowledgement of successes. This helps us to achieve results and impact for the people of Lancashire.


Meetings held in Public

Twice a year, our board meets in public, giving members of the public an opportunity to attend and ask questions. these meetings provide an opportunity to:

  • Review performance and quality standard
  • Approve workplans and priorities
  • Approve the Annual Report
  • Oversee finances


Meeting Date Documents/Reports
 26th of July 2022   

– Agenda
– Healthwatch Lancashire Operational Report



Priority Setting and Local Voice

Our team are always listening to the people of Lancashire in their communities. We record their experiences of health and care services and seek to identify themes and trends.

We attend a wide range of boards, groups and committees, holding none voting/independent seats, which affords us the opportunity to understand challenges and pressures on services, as well as enabling us to share people’s lived experience to influence decision makers.

Using all of the intelligence above enables us to establish a work plan that’s fit for purpose, addressing the concerns of local people.



If you have any questions about our governance, please contact our CEO, David Blacklock at

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