Healthwatch Lancashire collects and reflects the views of residents at Lakeview Rest Homes in new report

Healthwatch Lancashire collects and reflects the views of residents at Lakeview Rest Homes in new report

Utilising an innovative approach, Healthwatch Lancashire’s programme of ‘Enter & View’ applies a ‘mum’s test’ perspective to gather the views of residents, relatives and staff to provide an answer to the question: ‘Would you want your loved ones to be cared for in this service?’ 

‘Enter and View’ sees authorised Healthwatch Lancashire representatives visit health and social care premises at the point of service delivery and observe the nature and quality of services.

Legislation allows local Healthwatch organisations to undertake ‘Enter and View’ visits in NHS organisations, GPs, dentists, opticians and community pharmacists. They are also permitted to conduct the visits with bodies or institutions which are contracted by local authorities or the NHS to provide health or care services such as adult social care homes or day-care centres.

Lakeview Rest Homes received an overall rating of ‘green amber’. Our representatives found a lot to praise at Lakeview as well as a few areas where their service could be further enhanced. Among Lakeview’s successes, we were impressed with the open plan layout of the downstairs area which was clean and attractive with large windows. We found Lakeview’s sensory garden to be a particularly desirable feature of the home being both accessible and attractive.

In addition, our representatives made a number of observations which highlighted areas in which residents, relatives and staff identified as areas of improvement. Among these was volume of staff, the relocation of communal television facilities and adjustments to the meal time menu.

We observed positive interactions between staff and residents and residents being appreciative of their care telling us “The carers are very pleasant. They are nice to us, they don’t make us feel inferior.”

Representatives observed activities in progress and evidence of other activities including trips out. Staff told us that they were supported by relatives in respect of activities and residents told us “There are various things going on. I go on a shopping trip. I go on a walk, it’s lovely.”

The staff and home manager said they have had a ‘positive experience of working’ at Lakeview Rest Homes, saying “…we are all like one big family. I get treated right and I get listened to.”

The residents were enthusiastic about the food and said staff were caring – though they suggested that the use of a picture based menu would be useful. One relative said they would recommend the service to others but did suggest that further staff may improve the service. 

Residents did suggest that the frequency of activities could be increased, though they did enjoy the current activities on offer. Lakeview Rest Home received a green/amber rating based on feedback from residents, staff and relatives. 


Download the report: 0-Enter-View-Final-Report-Lakeview-Rest-Homes