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Secretary very rude and unhelpful

October 12, 2023
Rang and spoke with the consultants’ secretary re scan results. Not helpful at all. Was told “she (consultant) has other priorities and people to see” and that chasing my results “was not a medical need”. When asked roughly when I could expect the results as it had already been 3 weeks I was told “when she gets round to looking at them”.
I would like to say I was seen by the consultants’ colleagues and not her on SDEC unit and the majority of staff on there were absolutely lovely - ratings below are based on SDEC experience not consultants’ secretary!

very good staff

August 1, 2023
I had an operation last month and the staff were so lovely and caring. They explained everything to me and kept looking in on me after the operation was complete.

maternity unit is very understaffed

July 20, 2023
I had my baby around six months ago and the midwives are incredible and couldnt do more for us but they were very understaffed. I had my baby and was told i could be discharged but they didn't have the staff in order to do my discharge papers.
There were women waiting to come in and we couldn't free up a bed as we hadn't been discharged.
We ended up filling in our own discharge papers to help the staff out and free up some room for the women coming in.
They need to look at staffing in that unit and make sure there are enough to discharge and free up beds.

I have mixed feeling around a&e

July 20, 2023
I have very mixed feelings around the a&e service.
There was a very long wait in the a&e an the receptionist was so rude and not helpful at all.
When I did receive care from the doctors and nurses they were exceptional with me.

Excellent aftercare

July 5, 2023
I was admitted and given life saving surgery from the cancer surgeons, and I was given excellent aftercare. Since then I have been watch and scanned regularly, I can't thank those people enough

Aftercare is great

June 16, 2023
The cardiologist phones me every six months to see how I'm doing

Can't thank those people enough

May 22, 2023
I was given life saving treatment by the cancer surgeons and excellent aftercare. Since then I have been watch and scanned regularly, and whilst in remission I can't thank those people enough

very good

March 2, 2023
i had a very good experience at the eye clinic, the staff were so lovely

Ward 39

August 31, 2016
One group member praised the staff on Ward 39 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, saying
they were superb.

A&E and X-ray

August 31, 2016
One group member commented about Blackpool Victoria Hospital. She went to A&E,
and was sent to x-ray. She was seen by the doctor and was home within 3 hours.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital


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