Arthritis Care Living Well with Arthritis Service

07734 238682
Living Well with Arthritis is for anyone with arthritis in Chorley and Preston. Our service is run by local staff and trained volunteers who have experience of living with arthritis.\r\nWe offer:\r\nDrop-ins and community talks where our locally trained volunteers and staff are available to provide information and offer suggestions for everyday changes to help you manage your arthritis better – check out our website\r\nAn individual support service offering face to face meetings or planned phone calls with a trained volunteer to explore the impact of your arthritis and changes you could make to improve your health and wellbeing and manage your symptoms better.\r\nChat4Change offers you the opportunity to chat with other people with arthritis in a group meeting or phone call.\r\nContact local project coordinator Gill Park, 07734 238682 or service manager