UK Government publishes plan for the largest vaccination programme in British history

The UK Government has recently published it’s COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan.

Administering the COVID-19 vaccine is the largest vaccination programme in British History. It is a combined effort that will see collaboration across the NHS, local councils, armed forces and communities. The plan explains how the UK Government will work across the country to roll out the vaccine as quickly and safely as possible. 

Below is an excerpt from the vaccines delivery plan and a link to read more.


An excerpt from the plan

‘By the end of January, everyone in England will be within 10 miles of a vaccination site or, for a small number of highly rural areas, the vaccine will be brought to them via mobile teams.

There will also be capacity to deliver at least 2 million vaccinations in England per week by the end of January and all residents and staff in over 10,000 care homes across the country will be offered a vaccine by the end of the month.

This will be made possible by the rapid expansion of the programme, including:

  • 206 active hospital sites
  • 50 vaccination centres
  • around 1,200 local vaccination sites – including primary care networks, community pharmacy sites and mobile teams

This will mean every at-risk person has easy access to a vaccination centre, regardless of where they live.

The expansion of the programme will also mean all adults will be offered a vaccine by the autumn.’


Read the plan in full