Sharing your views on talking therapies

May 24, 2022

Later this year, the West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are launching a new campaign that focuses on improving the Access to Physiological Therapies (IAPT) service. This service is available for all people who are living with common mental health conditions, including depression, stress, and anxiety.

Before the West Lancashire CCG’s campaign to promote this service begins, they released a survey to collect the views of people who are living with mental health conditions but who have not used this service.

The service not only offers free groups, courses, and therapy sessions to support patients, as well, supporting patients in understanding what they are going through and ways in which their confidence can be built.

The IAPT service allows for self-referrals. This means that individuals do not have to see a GP first.

At present, there are four providers of these services including:


To take part in the survey please click here

The survey closes on Tuesday 31st May. 

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