A new mental health support service launches

July 26, 2022

Access to mental health support has become even easier across Lancashire and South Cumbria. Lancashire and South Cumbria Foundation Trust have launched a new freephone number for anyone across the region to access both general and urgent mental health support. This service, available to the public all year round, is made up of a team of call handlers and Mental Health Practitioners, to guarantee every caller is connected to the right professional to offer support.

Through this new service, the call handler will either offer the caller support over the phone or arrange a date and time for a mental health practitioner to come and see the caller at home or at a GP practice.

This new phone line aims to improve the accessibility of mental health services as the number of residents in the county need support due to poor mental health.  To access this phone line, please call 0800 013 0708


Caroline Donovan, Chief Executive at Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust said:

“This is a major improvement for the residents of Central and West Lancashire who need to access help and support from our mental health services. This new Freephone number means people will be able to access practical advice and emotional support from qualified nursing staff and where appropriate, access to the right services in a timelier way.”

“This approach will mean we are better able to meet the varied needs of anyone trying to access mental health support. Whether it be an immediate response, routine appointment booking or even advice on how to access additional information, people will be able to call one phone number and receive the response they need.”


Furthermore, the trust has collaborated with the leading British Sign Language (BSL) Video Remote Interpreting and BSL Video Relay Service Provider, to allow the deaf community of Lancashire to be able to access mental health services available. Whether they are in need of general or urgent support for their mental health, support can be provided by an interpreter through the Trust’s website.