Covid-19 survey: Summary of key themes

Over the course of the first five weeks of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown, our Healthwatch Together survey has been collecting the views and experiences of people from across Lancashire and Cumbria. Uncovering a depth of rich and powerful information, we have recently published a report identifying and relating recurring themes from over 300 respondents. 

Our ‘How are you coping with the Coronavirus pandemic?’ report contains research that took place as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and the subsequent lockdown that took effect in England in March 2020.

Healthwatch Together (HWT) quickly created a survey in response to the pandemic, with the aim of finding out how the people of Cumbria and Lancashire were coping during this difficult time.

The report highlights key themes including mental health conditions, caring responsibilities and financial worries. 

The responses we’ve gathered to far have enabled us to design a new version of our Covid-19 survey which we have recently launched. Further reports will be produced as we continue to hear and understand the public’s experiences.

You can read the report here.