Your GP, Your Say

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Healthwatch Lancashire has been looking to find out when and how people want to visit their GP

The study aims to gather views from residents across Lancashire about the convenience of getting to GP appointments and how people would like GP services to be delivered.

The Healthwatch Lancashire team will be speaking with residents in various locations across the county to collect the views and opinions from members of the public. The findings of the research will then be shared with NHS England in addition to those who manage and commission GP services in the county.

Healthwatch Lancashire is appealing for people to complete a short survey and share their stories and experiences from visiting their GP. 

In December, Healthwatch Lancashire published a report based on the findings from a research study with more than 1,000 residents of Lancashire to identify issues relating to access to NHS dental services. NHS England confirmed that Healthwatch Lancashire’s report has already been used to change opening times of some dental practices in Lancashire.

Healthwatch Lancashire Chief Executive, Gill Brown, said: “This research will give people in Lancashire the opportunity to have their say on when, where and how they would like to see or speak to their GP and Healthwatch Lancashire will ensure that these views are heard by those who manage and run services.”

This survey is now closed. Thanks to all those who shared their views! 

Healthwatch Lancashire have now shared the initial findings with NHS England and will be publishing the findings soon.

If you have an experience to share about a particular GP service or would like to make your views about GPs heard then please click here or call the team on 01524 239100.