Reports present views from community groups and people in Lancashire

Healthwatch Lancashire has published reports summarising what people have said about the health and social care services they use such as hospitals, GP services, dentists, care homes, pharmacies and adult social care.

The reports collate feedback from 25 community groups who have taken part in Care Circle activities between November 2015 and March 2016 and group members have been given the opportunity by Healthwatch Lancashire to say “I’ve Had My Say”. The reports also include feedback from people who have shared their experiences through the Healthwatch Lancashire website.

The Healthwatch Lancashire team reaches into communities to find out what really matters to people through a range of community engagement activities including ‘Care Circle’ group activities which have been particularly successful. 


"I've Had My Say" - Healthwatch Lancashire hears what groups have to say


The reports have been shared with those who manage and commission health and social care services in Lancashire to give people in Lancashire a voice and to influence service improvement.

Responses from service providers will be shared on the Healthwatch Lancashire website and added to the reports as they are received along with being shared with those groups that took part.

Reports from Healthwatch Lancashire’s engagement activities will be published on a monthly basis.

Healthwatch Lancashire is looking for those who manage community groups to express an interest in the ‘Care Circle’ events so that members of the group are able to share their views and experiences.

Community group organisers can request a visit from the Healthwatch Lancashire team by calling 0300 303 8811 or visiting

Healthwatch Lancashire uses the information people share about services such as hospitals, GP practices, dentists, health centres, residential care homes and pharmacies to celebrate when people say they are performing well and to challenge when they need to improve.

Healthwatch Lancashire Chief Officer, Sheralee Turner-Birchall, said: “I would like to thank all those groups and individuals who have taken the time to share their views with Healthwatch Lancashire. These experiences are valuable to understanding where services are performing well and where they can be improved.”

Click here to read or download the reports