Share your experiences of praising services or making a complaint

Take our surveyDo you share positive feedback about the services you use? or when care goes wrong and you have a bad experience, do you raise a complaint?
Healthwatch Lancashire has launched a survey to understand people’s experiences of raising your positive and negative feedback to health and social care organisations.

Healthwatch Lancashire are looking for residents of Lancashire to share their experiences of sharing positive feedback or concerns to health and social care services or about making a complaint. Feedback is also being sought on why people might chose not to complain when they felt that they should have.

This campaign comes after Healthwatch Lancashire revealed that more than 90% of people, who shared their experiences with the organisation, said that they did not share their feedback with anyone else and now want to find out what the barriers are to people sharing their feedback.

More than two thirds of the feedback Healthwatch Lancashire receives has a positive or neutral sentiment however this campaign is looking into the experiences people have when they raise their comments, compliments or concerns.

This survey will aim to influence service improvement for patients by sharing the findings with providers, commissioners and regulators of services. 

In 2014, Healthwatch England published a report ‘Suffering In Silence’ which set out what people had told Healthwatch about their experience of making a complaint. It highlighted the importance of listening and learning when care goes wrong and handling complaints effectively.

To complete our survey please click here.