Our report shows what matters to people in Lancashire

Healthwatch Lancashire has published a ‘Real People of Lancashire’ report showing what matters to people in Lancashire when it comes to health and social care.

The report, which summarises responses to Healthwatch Lancashire’s Real People of Lancashire campaign, shows that access to services, communication, technology, public health and how we staff our services are important to people in Lancashire.

The report shows that people are appreciative when efficient health and social services are delivered by friendly caring staff who show compassion. One of the main areas of concern is access to services with people wanting to see improvements in waiting times and adequately staffed services.

Healthwatch Lancashire Chief Executive, Gill Brown, commented: “The Real People of Lancashire report provides an indication of the key issues that matter to people in Lancashire.”

“Healthwatch Lancashire is looking to gather further intelligence on some of the issues highlighted in the report such as access to NHS dentistry, transport to health and social care services and the provision of GP services.”

Healthwatch Lancashire acts as the collective voice for identifying what’s working and what can be better for everyone across health and social care services in Lancashire.

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