New volunteers take part in Equality and Diversity training

Large-A group of new Healthwatch Lancashire volunteers have today completed Equality and Diversity training along with members of staff.

Four new volunteers and five members of staff participated in an Equality and Diversity training session, which is a requirement for undertaking a volunteer role at Healthwatch Lancashire.

The session, ran by Helen Crane Training and Consultancy, provides an understanding of the concepts of discrimination, equality, diversity and equal opportunities and examines the importance and relevance of the Equality Act 2010.

Sheralee Turner-Birchall, Volunteer and Project Officer Manager at Healthwatch Lancashire said: “Equality and Diversity is just one element of the training and development programme that we provide for our volunteers and members of staff. The format of the training allows for those involved to benefit from shared experiences and for an understanding of the importance of equality and diversity as a representative of Healthwatch Lancashire.”

“We ensure that all our staff and volunteers are well equipped for working with members of the public and patients by providing high quality training and development sessions.”