More awareness is needed for the NHS 111 service

Healthwatch Lancashire has published a report based on the findings of research with residents of Lancashire which shows that 20% of people are not aware of the NHS 111 service.

2015_02_NHS111CampaignReportFinaThroughout January, a time when winter-pressures were having a dramatic impact on local healthcare services, Healthwatch Lancashire conducted a study with 1,163 members of the public to learn how aware residents in Lancashire are of the NHS 111 service and if those who have used it found it helpful.

Healthwatch Lancashire has shared the report with North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, who deliver the NHS 111 service in Lancashire, and copies have been provided to those who commission the service.

Gill Brown, Healthwatch Lancashire Chief Executive, said: “The results of our NHS 111 research has identified that more people in Lancashire need to be made aware of the NHS 111 service.”

Ian Moses, Head of 111 Operations at North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: “We would firstly like to thank Healthwatch Lancashire for carrying out this survey into the use of the NHS 111 Service in their region.  Findings such as these are invaluable to building a safe, dependable and useful service for the people of the North West, when in need of urgent medical attention.  As a service we welcome feedback from users, the community and healthcare professionals.”

This study has been carried out by Healthwatch Lancashire staff and volunteers in a variety of locations in Lancashire, which included hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies, community groups, schools and colleges, and the survey was also made available to complete on the Healthwatch Lancashire website.

Healthwatch Lancashire encourages members of the public to share their positive stories or concerns from hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists, pharmacies, ambulance services or care home so that these can be passed on to those who are responsible for managing and regulating services.
Experiences can be shared with Healthwatch Lancashire by clicking here to find a service.

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