How to safely view Friday’s partial solar eclipse

On Friday 20th March 2015, the Sun will move into eclipse. This is the last total solar eclipse in Europe for over a decade, with the next one not visible in Europe until 2026. Around 9.30am is the best time to view the partial eclipse in Lancashire. It will be daylight, and you probably will not notice any difference in the lighting conditions.

How to safely view the eclipse

  • Remember… NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT DEDICATED SOLAR VIEWING EQUIPMENT. It is very dangerous to look directly at the Sun with your eyes or through a telescope or binoculars – to do so would risk permanent blindness.
  • Do NOT attempt to look at the eclipse through squinted eyes or through thin clouds – you will do your eyes harm.
  • Do NOT use sunglasses, or welder’s goggles. Although these may seem to block some of the Sun’s light, they will let through the harmful ultraviolet light, which is more than enough to seriously damage your eyes.


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