Hours changing at West Lancashire NHS walk-in centres

The opening hours of West Lancashire Health Centre and Skelmersdale Walk-in Centre will change from Monday 5th December 2016.


West Lancashire Health Centre, which is at Ormskirk hospital, will continue to open at 8am every day but the last booking to see a nurse will now be 7.30pm instead of 9pm.

Skelmersdale Walk-in Centre at The Concourse will open an hour later at 8am with the last booking to see a nurse changing to 7.30pm, instead of 9pm, from Monday to Friday. Weekend opening times of 9am to 5pm remain the same.


West Lancashire Health Centre

Ormskirk Hospital,

Wigan Road, Ormskirk, L39 2AZ

01695 588800

Times now: 8am to 9pm* 

Times from Mon 5th December:  8am to 7.30pm (Mon-Sun)


Skelmerdale Walk-in Centre

The Concourse

Skelmerdale, L39 2AZ

01695 588640

Times now: 7am to 9pm* (Mon-Fri), 9am to 5pm* (Sat-Sun)

Times from Mon 5th December: 8am to 7.30pm (Mon-Fri), (Sat-Sun Unchanged) 

* Note: closing times are last bookings to see a nurse


Interim Chief Executive, Iain McInnes, said: “Through a combination of sickness and vacant posts we are unable to fill, the Trust has experienced a severe shortage of appropriate clinical staff at both walk-in centres.

“We have had no alternative but to adapt the opening hours to fit the staff we have available and maintain a safe service for patients. We will, however, keep staffing under regular review.

“Only a very small number of patients choose to use these services in the late evening but I want to apologise to anyone who is inconvenienced.”