Healthwatch Lancashire volunteers take part in Deaf Awareness and LGBT training

A group of Healthwatch Lancashire volunteers have completed Deaf Awareness and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual) training along with members of staff.

Throughout September, Healthwatch Lancashire has been running a number of training sessions which volunteers are encouraged to be a part of. Healthwatch Lancashire’s volunteers bring experience and skills from a range of backgrounds. Our training sessions aim to further improve on their skills and expertise to help them excel in their roles as Healthwatch Lancashire representatives. 

The Deaf Awareness training was delivered by a profoundly deaf tutor supported by a BSL interpreter and provided an insight into to real life situations faced by deaf people and looked at solutions to improve access and communication. 


This excellent training has given volunteers and members of the Healthwatch Lancashire staff team the skills and awareness needed to develop life skills and gain an insight into the use of British Sign Language (BSL)

The deaf awareness training covered: 

– Different types of deafness
– Hearing Aid advantages and limitations
– How to get a deaf persons attention
– Alerting devices for deaf people
– Communication do’s and don’ts
– Everyday barriers
– Lip reading activities
– Gesture activities
– BSL structure
– Finger spelling
– Introduction the BSL way
– Sign names
– Basic conversation using BSL


The LGBT training was delivered by Paul Fairweather. Paul has over 30 years of experience of designing and delivering training on LGBT issues for a wide range of organisations.

lgbt logo

 The LGBT training covered:  

– Terminology – what words should we be using?
– Legislation – recent changes in legislation including the implications of the Equality Act
– Monitoring – how best to monitor sexual orientation and gender identity
– Specific health issues facing LGBT people
– Questions and answer session


Sheralee Turner-Birchall, Volunteer and Project Officer Manager at Healthwatch Lancashire said: “All Healthwatch Lancashire volunteers go through mandatory training before they carry out their volunteer roles. We like to encourage our volunteers to continue extra training in order to further improve their skills and experience which will help them when representing Healthwatch Lancashire”