Healthwatch Lancashire take part in ‘Perfect Week’

This week Healthwatch Lancashire have been taking part in activities at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust as part of the ‘Perfect Week’ exercise which started on Monday 12th January.

The ‘Perfect Week’ concept is recommended nationally by the Emergency and Urgent Care Intensive Team (ECIST). The Healthwatch Lancashire team, including Chief Executive Gill Brown, have been taking part in activities and providing feedback to the trust throughout the week.

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and other Trusts in England have already previously undertaken this with good results.

The Perfect Week is about ensuring that all the processes required to support flow through the hospital run ‘perfectly’ so that there are no unnecessary delays that slow down transfers of care. There has been input from the whole organisation and joint working between the Trust and its health partners across East Lancashire – such as Healthwatch Lancashire.

All non-essential meetings have been cancelled to ensure that staff across the Trust could fully commit to the week, without compromising clinical care.

Gill Brown, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Lancashire, said: “It is important that Healthwatch Lancashire work with providers, such as East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, to be the public voice on local services. Taking part in the Perfect Week exercise has allowed our team to take part in activities and provide valuable input to the trust on behalf of patients.”

Gillian Rose, Divisional General Manager, who is co-ordinating the exercise, said: “The Perfect Week is a proven concept that will help the Trust ensure that patients receive their care in the right place at the right time. This supports the delivery of safe, personal and effective care for all our patients.

“Multidisciplinary teams including senior doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and managers will be visiting the wards to find out whether there is any support needed to progress patient pathways and ensure we have no delays.

“At the end of the week we hope to have improved patient flow across the Trust by discharging patients where it’s safe to do so, allowing space for new patients to be admitted. We shall use the findings from the week to continue to improve our practices and procedures to improve clinical flow.

“I am delighted that so many staff members from all disciplines have volunteered to help with the ‘Perfect Week’ and thanks are due to everyone involved.”