Healthwatch Lancashire staff team begin award in Understanding Health Improvement

Healthwatch Lancashire staff members are currently taking part in “Understanding Health Improvement, Level 2” provided by the Royal Society of Public Health.

The aim of this training is to provide Healthwatch Lancashire staff members with the knowledge and understanding of how to promote health and well-being and how they can direct members of the public towards further practical support in their efforts to attain a healthier lifestyle. The qualification will show Healthwatch Lancashire staff examples of inequalities in health within the UK, and explain possible reasons for why there are inequalities in health and current approaches to tackling these inequalities. How Healthwatch Lancashire staff can help the public to improve their health is central to this qualification. Staff will also learn how effective communication can support health messages, and how to promote improvements in the health and well-being of others and understand the impact of change on improving an individual’s health and well-being.