Healthwatch Lancashire shares public views on blood donation with NHS Blood & Transplant

Healthwatch Lancashire has shared results of their ‘Love To Give Blood’ research campaign with NHS Blood and Transplant following national appeals for blood donors.

Throughout February 2015, Healthwatch Lancashire engaged with more than 750 members of the public to find the reasons why a high percentage of residents in Lancashire choose not to give blood and to identify what inspires those who do to donate.

Love To Give Blood news story

The Love To Give Blood campaign ran throughout February 2015

The findings from the campaign have been presented to NHS Blood and Transplant with the aim to provide useful information which can be used to encourage more people to become blood donors both nationally and in Lancashire.

Neil Greaves, Healthwatch Lancashire Communications Manager, said “I hope that NHS Blood and Transplant are able to find the research from our campaign useful and that they are able to utilise the views of the public to encourage more people to become blood donors.”

“I hope that the research conducted by Healthwatch Lancashire is able to provide useful insight for NHS Blood & Transplant donation campaigns and that this results in an increase in the number of blood donors within Lancashire.”

Healthwatch Lancashire is the public voice on health and social care with the role to listen to residents in Lancashire and to influence change and improve the quality of health and social care services.