Healthwatch Lancashire contributes to Blackpool Teaching Hospitals inspection

A Healthwatch Lancashire report summarising the experiences of patients at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals has been submitted to the Care Quality Commission to contribute to their inspection at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

The feedback report for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust presents a summary of 79 reviews of Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Clifton Hospital between March and July 2015. 

Patients views and opinions are vital when understanding how well a hospital is performing. Healthwatch Lancashire is committed to listening to patients and members of the public to ensure their views and experiences are heard by those who run, plan and regulate health and social care services.

Service users are often those who are best placed to provide feedback about health and social care. Their feedback is invaluable and their unique perspective can be used to help to understand where services are performing well and how services can be improved. For each report, members of the public rated their experiences ten questions and  from 1 to 5 (1=Poor, 5=Excellent) and were also given the opportunity to feedback any other comments, complements or concerns.




To view the report, please click here.