Focus on food at Calderstones

This week, Healthwatch Lancashire has undertaken a piece of work concentrating on the food at the Herbstones restaurant at Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in Whalley, East Lancashire.

Following a request from service-users, Amanda Higgins, Project Officer (pictured below), was invited by the Trust to observe and take part in a normal day of food production at the Herbstones Restaurant on the Calderstones site. 

Healthwatch visit Herbstones at Calderstones

Healthwatch Lancashire undertook an independent assessment of the food service with the Calderstones catering team along with service-users. All aspects of the food service were observed from sourcing and buying the food and the cooking process to delivering the meals to the service-users and gathering their feedback. 

This was an excellent opportunity to gather in-depth understanding of the process behind catering at Calderstones and provides Healthwatch Lancashire’s volunteers and staff with a better understanding of how Herbstones aims to provide a good experience for service-users.

Healthwatch Lancashire volunteers and staff visit Calderstones on a monthly basis to listen to the experiences of service users and present this intelligence to the Trust to support and encourage service improvements. 

Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provides treatment for adult men and women who have a learning disability, developmental disorder and who have significant and complex needs that cannot be met by local services. For more information visit