Enter and View report published for Penwortham Grange Residential Care Home

An Enter and View report has been published for Penwortham Grange Residential Care Home by Healthwatch Lancashire.

Healthwatch Lancashire has published an ‘Enter and View’ report, which captures and reflects the views of service users at Penwortham Grange Residential Care Home.

Healthwatch Lancashire has a dedicated team of authorised representatives to undertake ‘Enter and View’ visits that encourage, support and influence service improvement by listening to the experiences of people using the services.

‘Enter and View’ is the opportunity for our authorised Healthwatch Lancashire representatives to go into health and social care premises to hear and see people’s experiences at the service, collect the views of patients, residents and relatives at the point of service delivery and observe the nature and quality of services.

Legislation allows local Healthwatch organisations to undertake ‘Enter and View’ visits in NHS organisations, GPs, dentists, opticians and community pharmacists. They are also permitted to conduct the visits with bodies or institutions which are contracted by local authorities or the NHS to provide health or care services such as adult social care homes or day-care centres.

Healthwatch Lancashire Chief Executive, Gill Brown, commented: “Enter and View provides the opportunity to listen to the experiences of people using those services and the findings of the report can be used to identify areas where the service is performing well and understand where services can be improved.”

To view the report, please click here.