Blackburn GP Surgery rated inadequate and placed into special measures by the Care Quality Commission

England’s Chief Inspector of General Practice has rated Blackburn GP Practice, Rishton and Great Harwood Surgery, as Inadequate and placed them into special measures following an inspection by the CQC in September this year.

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Under CQC’s programme of inspections, all of England’s GP practices are given a rating in five key areas: safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

The practice was rated as Inadequate for safe, effective and well-led domains, and rated as ‘Requires Improvement’ for the caring and responsive domains. The services provided by the practice have been rated as Inadequate overall.

Alison Holbourn, Deputy Chief Inspector of General Practice at CQC said: “We found that people registered with Rishton and Great Harwood Surgery aren’t getting the high quality care which everyone should expect to receive from their GP practice. 

“At a previous inspection in September 2015, we rated Rishton and Great Harwood Surgery as Requires Improvement and have been monitoring the practice closely to ensure improvements were being made. At a focussed inspection in June 2016 we found insufficient progress in areas such as risk management.. This prompted us to carry out this most recent comprehensive inspection in September this year.

“It was disappointing to see the lack of improvement at this practice despite the previous inspection report being very clear about what action we expected them to take. We found patients were at risk of harm because systems and processes were not good enough to keep them safe. For example there was no system in place to monitor patients being prescribed high risk medicine putting them at real risk of harm.

“Staff also told us that they had raised concerns regarding incidents or near misses that were not acknowledged or investigated by the GP. This process needs to be improved to ensure incidents are reported, acted upon and learning shared, to reduce the chance of them happening again.

“I do not believe that the practice is likely to resolve its challenges without external support; placing the practice in to special measures ensures that action will be taken to improve the quality of care for patients.”

A full report of this inspection has been published on the CQC website at: