Do you have, or even know about Iron Overload (Haemochromatosis) ?

Are you suffering from one or any combination of the following?

  • Fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, liver problems, bronzed skin, abdominal pain, heart irregularities.
  • Have you considered that too much iron could be a possible cause?

The Heamochromatosis Society logoGenetic Haemochromatosis is an Iron Overload condition in which the body absorbs more iron than is needed and is unable to process the excess.  The iron builds up over time and is deposited in vital organs such as the liver, heart, pancreas and joints causing damage and various related conditions.  It is one of the most common yet under diagnosed genetic conditions in Britain.

Diagnosis is simple and inexpensive:

A blood test can identify high iron levels.  This is monitored over a couple of months and if the ferritin levels remain elevated then a genetic blood test is carried out to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment is also simple and inexpensive:

Venesections (or blood letting) is carried out on a regular basis (weekly or fortnightly to begin with depending on your levels).  Once the iron is down to a safe level (this is called the maintenance stage) the venesections will then be much less frequent (this is dependent on how quickly each individual loads iron).

The cost of late diagnosis can be financially high (hip replacements, liver transplants etc) but more importantly the cost to the individual’s quality of life can be debilitating and is just so unnecessary!

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