Be a healthy voice in Lancashire

The people of Lancashire are being encouraged to have a powerful say in the county’s health and social care services.

Healthwatch Lancashire is tasked with monitoring health and social care across the county giving residents a voice while listening to their concerns so they can influence change.

But to ensure the job is done effectively and by the people who are at the heart of such services, Healthwatch Lancashire needs volunteers across the county to act as ambassadors for the organisation.

And in particular people living in the Preston, Chorley, Leyland and Garstang areas are being encouraged to become volunteers to help ensure health and social care services are providing the optimum level of care.

Volunteering activities can vary from spreading the word about Healthwatch Lancashire, distributing newsletters and representing the organisation at an event, to people who assess the delivery of health and social care services, act as mystery shoppers to review services and those who can help make healthcare documents and marketing material more user friendly.

CEO Gill Brown said the role of volunteers is vital to ensure every person across Lancashire receives the health and social care they deserve.

She said: “Volunteers are key to Healthwatch Lancashire. We want to ensure that every single person living in the county gets the health and social care they not only need, but deserve.

“To do this though we need to look at every single aspect of the health and social care provision in the county and the best way of doing that is to get members of the public who access those services to assess them.

“Every day thousands of people throughout Lancashire are treated in our GP practices, hospitals, dentists and care homes. The vast majority of that care is second to none but we all know that mistakes do happen and sometimes standards slip.

“That is why we need an army of volunteers who can assess those services. Care should always be consistent and by working with volunteers who care about this we can ensure this is the case.”

Healthwatch Lancashire does have volunteers operating throughout the county but it has identified the need for more in certain areas and that is why people in Preston, Chorley, Leyland and Garstang are being called on.

Gill added: “We do have a fantastic network of volunteers already but we need more and I would urge anyone interested to contact us to find out more. This is a really fulfilling role and what these people do is vital because they are our eyes and ears. They know the area where they live and, as Lancashire is such a diverse county, they are familiar with the needs of their community.”

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