Healthwatch Lancashire to capture views of the homeless and those living in deprivation

Healthwatch Lancashire has launched a project to capture views from homeless people and those living in deprivation in relation to how they use health and social care services.


The project will see staff and volunteers from Healthwatch Lancashire engaging with people in a variety of settings such as food banks and homeless shelters.

This project will be undertaken in collaborations with organisations and charities that support those who are homeless and live in deprivation such as Shelter, Salvation Army, Olive Branch, The Foxton Centre and Lancaster & District Homeless Action Service (LDHAS).

Healthwatch Lancashire will be asking a series of questions relating to how people use health and social care services, their attitudes towards their health and the barriers they face when accessing routine health care.

Sheralee Turner-Birchall, Chief Officer at Healthwatch Lancashire, said: “Healthwatch Lancashire is here to make sure all people in our communities are listened to and this project aims to give a voice to those who are homeless or living in deprivation the opportunity to be listened to. The strength of our community engagement will allow us to identify areas where services or access to services can be improved based on the views of those who are using them.”