Lancashire County Council to contact Prime Minister to discuss the crisis in the NHS in Chorley

Lancashire County Council has called for the Chief Executive to ask the Prime Minister for an urgent meeting to discuss the crisis in the NHS in Chorley and the impact on the people of Lancashire.

Below is a statement taken from the Notice of Motion at the Full Council meeting on the 26th of May 2016. 


Notice of Motion – Full Council 26 May 2016

By County Councillor Steve Holgate:

Council is concerned that the closure of the A&E service in Chorley Hospital is an early symptom of an emerging national problem in the NHS.

The Council recognises the financial pressures faced by the NHS and the national shortage of doctors, nurses and other clinical staff which has led to the closure of the A&E in Chorley and is very concerned about the impact on other local NHS services, particularly nearby A&Es across Lancashire. 

The County Council is concerned that not only is there a shortage of A&E doctors but also an acute and growing problem with a lack of GPs across the County, coupled with other cuts across the public sector.  This problem is also becoming increasingly serious as the age profiles of GPs in Lancashire suggests many more GPs will retire in the next few years than are currently entering into the service.

The County Council’s Scrutiny Committee have met with the officials running Chorley Hospital and appreciate the situation they find themselves in.  However, the County Council believes their situation is a forerunner of many of the problems of the NHS in England and require a national rather than simply a local solution for the future.  Put simply, we need more nurses, junior doctors and GPs.

The Council therefore instructs the Chief Executive to write to the Secretary for Health and to the Prime Minister to ask for an urgent meeting to discuss the crisis in the NHS in Chorley and its impact on the people of Lancashire and what steps it intends to take to deal with these issues in the immediate future and in the longer term.