Healthwatch England

The Healthwatch network is made of up of local Healthwatch organisations across each of the 152 local authority areas and Healthwatch England, the national body.

Healthwatch has a common purpose – to ensure the voices of people who use services are listened to and responded to. The network shares a brand, has common values and comes together to work on priority areas and campaigns.

Local Healthwatch across England provide unique insight into people’s experiences of health and social care issues across the country; they are the eyes and ears on the ground telling us what matters to their local communities.



The role of your local Healthwatch

Locally, Healthwatch voices people’s concerns and provides feedback to service providers and commissioners. Through local engagement they collect vital data on how and why people use services in their area. Its place on the Health and Wellbeing Board means local Healthwatch can represent the voice of people in decision making. Local Healthwatch directly supports people in their community by giving them information or signposting them to the local services they need.

Local Healthwatch are independent organisations dealing with local concerns and they are commissioned directly by local authorities, so we at Healthwatch England do not manage their performance. Rather, we work with the network, providing leadership and support as each local Healthwatch builds its profile and impact on local services. Healthwatch England promotes standards and good practice, provides materials, toolkits, information, training and one-to-one support.

A big part of our work is to make the most of the resources, skills and expertise across the entire network, by learning from local Healthwatch, and by helping to provide the tools and opportunities for network members to connect and share expertise, to make a more powerful difference locally. At a national level, we make the case for the resources and the powers that local Healthwatch need to do the ambitious job they have been given.

Healthwatch Lancashire

Healthwatch Lancashire is the public voice on health and social care in Lancashire.

When it comes to health and social care, we all want the best services we can get. Now, through Healthwatch Lancashire, you can make a real difference to the way services are set up and run.

Healthwatch Lancashire has the role to listen and the power to significantly influence change within the health and social care system.

Healthwatch Lancashire gives children, young people and adults a powerful voice – making sure their views and experiences are heard by those who run, plan and regulate health and social care services in Lancashire.

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