‘Love To Give Blood’ research campaign

Love to give Blood CampaignOne in four people in Lancashire will require blood at some point in their life, yet only 4% of us give blood. Healthwatch Lancashire is launching a ‘Love To Give Blood’ research campaign to find the reasons why a high percentage of residents in Lancashire choose not to give blood.

January is typically the busiest month for donors honouring New Year’s resolutions yet NHS Blood and Transplant is appealing for donors due to low stock levels. Healthwatch Lancashire is looking for public views to find out why there’s a lack of love for giving blood.

The Healthwatch Lancashire team will be engaging with residents in various locations across the county to collect the views of the public. The findings of the research will then be shared with those who manage, run and regulate health and social care services.

The survey closed on 28th February 2015 and a report of the findings has been presented to NHS Blood & Transplant.

To find out more about blood donation or to register as a donor visit the NHS Blood and Transplant website – www.blood.co.uk



Patient stories…

Speaking on BBC Radio Lancashire:  “My son had to undergo open heart surgery at the age of three months. Blood transfusions were vital for the surgery to be a success. Amazingly one year on, he is now swimming, running around and living life as a happy healthy child. We are so grateful to those who donated blood and helped to save our sons life. Since the surgery, my husband and I have become active blood donors. We wish we would have donated blood sooner, you don’t need a reason to give blood, just do it.” 


“In my 20s I was afraid to give blood. I thought it might hurt, might make me queasy. But I went and it was a breeze. I became a regular donor. In the early 90s my future husband (whom I had not met yet) required blood after a serious accident. I am sure it was not my blood that saved him but if someone had not shared their blood with him, I might never have met and married him. So thank you to all donors.”


“My father received 30 pints of blood during an aneurism repair. Following this I began to give blood. Years later he needed more blood during surgery, the blood kept him alive and saved his life at the time. He received lesser amounts at different times until his death several years later.”


“I have often attended to give blood then found that it can’t be taken because, although I feel perfectly fit and healthy, I am found to have a low iron count or have had a recent medical procedure which I am told means I can’t donate at that time. This is a bit demoralising and embarrassing”.


“I used to donate blood fairly regularly, but then was told I was unable to as I had been born in Kenya, even though it was over 40 years ago. Since then I haven’t donated, as I am not sure if I would be turned away again. I would go and ask but don’t know where any centres are.”


“I have had life saving blood transfusion”.


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We are looking for your stories and experiences about donating or receiving blood. Did anything particularly inspire you to become a blood donor? Do you require regular blood transfusions? We want to hear from you!


The survey has now closed.


Statistics sourced from NHS Blood and Transplant