Affected by policy changes? Share your experience with us…

speechfeaturedNHS clinical commissioning group organisations across Lancashire are making a number of changes to their local policies for prescribing medicines and treatments and Healthwatch Lancashire would like to hear your stories about how you have been affected along with your views and opinions.

Commissioning is about getting the best possible health outcomes for the local population, by assessing local needs, deciding priorities and strategies, and then buying services on behalf of the population from providers such as hospitals, clinics, community health bodies, etc. There are six clinical commissioning groups in Lancashire, known often as CCGs. These are:


Prescription Changes

There are a number of consultations that have taken place or that are currently underway to change the way medicines are prescribed, such as gluten-free foods and minor ailments (these are treatments for common conditions such as aches, pains, cuts and bruises, hay fever and mild skin conditions).

Healthwatch Lancashire will continue to gather local intelligence around the changes to prescribing of medication and will share this with those who run, commission and regulate health and social care services to ensure that people’s views are heard. Healthwatch Lancashire has held conversations with Coeliac UK to discuss the changes to the prescribing of gluten-free foods. 


Share your experience of prescription changes...

If you have been affected by any changes in your local area, we want to here your stories.