“I’ve Had My Say!”

Healthwatch Lancashire is speaking to community groups across Lancashire to give more people the opportunity to say – “I’ve Had My Say”


Healthwatch Lancashire enables seldom heard groups and members of the public to have an opportunity to have their voices heard by undertaking real community engagement.

Care Circles 

We run a programme of Care Circle events taking place with community groups across Lancashire. These Care Circle activities allow the Healthwatch Lancashire team to listen to views from communities and seldom-heard groups which have included older people, carers, those with learning disabilities, those with visual or hearing impairments and young parents

In November 2015, we launched the “I’ve Had My Say” campaign which included a programme of Care Circle events taking place with community groups across Lancashire. These Care Circle activities allowed the Healthwatch Lancashire team to listen to views from more than 30 seldom-heard groups in 2015/16. Healthwatch Lancashire has undertaken 31 Care Circle activities in 2016.

In August 2016, we  launched a project to capture views from homeless people and those in deprivation in relation to how they use health and social care services.

The project involves community engagement activities  delivered in locations such as food banks and homeless shelters and by listening to groups in collaboration with organisations and charities that support those who live in deprivation.

Healthwatch Lancashire will be asking a series of questions relating to how people use health and social care services, their attitudes towards their health and the barriers they face when accessing routine health care. Since August 2016, 20 of the homelessness and deprivation Care Circle events have taken place.


Pop-up engagement is an opportunity for Healthwatch Lancashire representatives to gather feedback and responses to surveys in community venues and in prime high-footfall locations in Lancashire. Healthwatch Lancashire has undertaken 22 Pop-up activities so far in 2016.


During these activities, Healthwatch Lancashire also has an important role in signposting members of the public to other health and social care services.

Community group organisers can request a visit from the Healthwatch Lancashire team by calling 01524 239100 or by completing the form here.

Here are some community groups who have already had their say: